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          Works on local conditions and customs in Sichuan

          So from this point of view, today's protective plate is a bit too hasty. There is no need. It is really unnecessary. Even if the index falls below 3300 points, even if the previous gap is closed, it is not a big deal. After all, compared with the beginning of this year, the index has a certain increase.

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          The 23-year-old is a favourite this summer and many big clubs want to join him, but the players are keen on Chelsea and have previously said they would like to join even if they are not qualified for the Champions League, perhaps a fan of manager Frank Lampard. It was only a matter of time before Chelsea qualified for the New Champions League last season. At present, the player has passed the physical examination on Sunday, and the rest of the procedures will be completed, that is, the official announcement is imminent.



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